Lake Naivasha

Wow! stayed at a gorgeous campsite, Carnelleys, right on the shore of the lake a beautiful site with wonderful facilities…unfortunately we ran out of steam and gave up on dinner after waiting nearly 2 hours for a Crayfish salad!
met up with Ven and Anita who are traveling the same route and who we met in Addis Ababa earlier in our trip.

Ven and Anita
Took a boat trip in the late afternoon in the hope of getting face to face with some Hippo…..

beautiful scenery and a night filled with the grunting noises as family of Hippo grumbled in the reeds on the edge of the lake. Glad to be in the van and not in a tent!

On our way South we came across an interesting bus.. I must presume they know and were waiting for a well known Scottish family from Alyth.

The Ogg Wed bus

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