Lusaka and on to Zimbabwe

We spent a few days at Bridge camp on the Luangwa river where we had a fabulous trip down the river on a canoe looking at crocodiles and hippos and of course wonderful bird life

then on to Lusaka where we had the van serviced ( thank you Mercedes Lusaka who didn’t attach the fuel filter properly …..AWA ) not a lot of tourist stuff to do but we went to Kilimanjaro a restaurant selling interesting local curios and a wonderful batik and pottery workshop before heading south to Kariba. Just outside Lusaka we picked up a white Zimbabwean hitchhiker who had come to Lusaka for a job interview and was heading back to Harare sign of the times……We spent a couple of days at Eagles Rest Camp before crossing into Zimbabwe. Despite our GB plates and obvious “Englishness” we couldn’t have had an easier crossing. How nice and what a surprise!
We went to Warthogs Bush Camp again right on the lake shore, whilst we were relaxing a group of 8 elephant decided to walk through the camp and say hello.

They sampled the rubbish in the bins,

tested out the kitchens

and then had a drink from the swimming pool.

“Hey, this is Africa” as the man in the bar said!

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